LAN Speed Test

This small Java software allows you to test the sending and receiving speed between 2 or more computers on your personal network. For example, my network contains:

  • Two routers,
  • Computers connected by network wires to routers,
  • Computers using WiFi g and other WiFi n,
  • Parts of the network pass through the electrical outlets (practical so as not to have to drill holes in the walls and pass a long wire)

Since all these parameters come into play during transfers between two computers and the theoretical speeds are always very theoretical, the best thing is to be able to measure.

You can download the most recent version here:

You can access the source code here:


  1. Have Java installed
  2. Download the app
  3. Start the application
    1. You can double-click on it. This opens the GUI.
    2. If you are in console mode, you can run it in client or server mode:
      1. java -jar LANSpeedTest-desktop-1.1-all.jar –server
      2. java -jar LANSpeedTest-desktop-1.1-all.jar –client
  4. If you have opened the GUI, you can
    1. Click on “Start Server”. Then use another computer which will then be able to see this server.
    2. Click “Measurement” in the server list on all the servers you want to test.
      1. During measurement, data will be sent for 5 seconds and received for 5 seconds. Each measurement is therefore done in 10 seconds per machine.