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Created on: 2023-12-07; Updated on: 2023-12-07

Businesses review

Companies like to sell us products and sometimes dreams, but when there is a problem with the product or their service, that’s always then that we can see if they really take good care of their customers. So I’m going to list the companies with whom I had a problem with the product and then I was able to test their customer service.

Amazon - Canada (positive)

With Amazon, everything is simple whether it is to buy or return a product that is defective or simply not to our liking. The important thing is that it must be a product shipped by Amazon and at that time, all you need is one click to have a shipping slip to print for a free return. When the product is shipped by a third party seller, the process is longer because you have to communicate with the seller and especially if he does not respond or if he does not want you to return the item for free, you have to try to find the chat with Amazon section which is very well hidden.

Note :

  • When Amazon: perfect service
  • When third party seller: a little longer, but still perfect in the end

Apple (medium) - 2023-10-13

I have already written a comprehensive article on this subject which you can see here, but, in summary, Apple’s customer service whether through phone or chat is somewhat tedious and time-consuming. However, if we go directly to the Apple Store, at that time, things are better. It’s still a bit long, but in the end, they take care of us.

Note: slow, but they take care of us

Best Buy (positive) - 2023-11-20

It is very easy to return any purchase to the store within 30 days without being asked any questions. In addition, their lowest price guarantee policy also works after purchase. For example, I purchased the Google Pixel Watch 2 a week before Black Friday and simply by going to the store, they refunded me $80 off even though it was a week later.

Rating: perfect

LTT Store (Linus Tech Tips) (positive) - 2023-08-25

I bought a few tools on this site. There was the penknife that the screw had unscrewed and I had lost one of the ends. As soon as I contacted customer service, they immediately suggested they just send me another one.

Rating: perfect

Twilio (bad) - 2017-09-20

I was using Twilio in a very simple way: I have a phone number and all calls and texts are forwarded to my real phone number. This allows me to hide my personal number.

I realized that my Twilio phone number was no longer working. I had not received any email from them about this. I contacted them and they told me that my account was suspended because I forwarded spam. I received a spam SMS and yes I forwarded it to myself. They had no problem reactivating my account, but I had a big problem with the fact that they can automatically suspend my account without even notifying me. I don’t know how many calls I missed for how many days. I explicitly asked them to warn me in the future and they told me they would not. So I decided to no longer use their service.

Ugreen (positive) - 2023-12-07

I didn’t know about this company, but since they sponsored Linus Tech Tips and I know that this company only deals with other companies that take care of their customers, I felt confident when I I bought a product for a little over $300 Canadian. After a month and a half, the product had a problem and it was too late for me to simply return it to Amazon. So I contacted the customer service by email and they responded immediately. There were a few email exchanges, but in less than 3 days (and 3 emails) they concluded that there really was a defect, they told me to keep the product and they gave me a full refund. So I was able to buy another one without problem.

Rating: perfect